Time for another educational video. Jim Rickards (author of The New Case For Gold) and Egon von Greyerz (Founder and Managing Partner of Matterhorn Asset Management AG and GoldSwitzerland) discuss the likelihood that an ounce of gold could be worth $10,000 in a few years.

A rise in price like this would be more indicative of a loss in value of the dollar. It’s not that gold is becoming a more expensive commodity (although that does play a part in pricing) as much as the debasement of your currency by your government.

In this 18 minute video, recorded in a Swiss vault,  Jim and Egon cover many vital factors that investors must be aware of to protect themselves against the major risks in the financial system.

Topics covered:

  • Why gold will reach at least $10,000
  • The timing of gold’s rapid rise
  • The significance of gold exports from the UK to Switzerland
  • Swiss banks in breach of contract
  • Central banks and gold
  • The importance of silver
  • How to buy gold and silver
  • Hyperinflation and velocity of money
  • China and gold
  • The End Game

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