BitGold Processing Euro Credit Card Deposits As Local Transaction

This one’s a short post but it’s welcome news if you have an account with BitGold and you’re based in the EU.

BitGold are almost unique in that they allow customers to buy gold with a credit card. Practically every other online gold bullion dealer requires payment by bank transfer. Credit card orders are quicker to set up for the customer. There is a 2% processing fee for the convenience though.

Now, all new deposits to BitGold from a Euro credit card will be processed as local transaction and will no longer be subject to any foreign exchange fees. So that’s a small saving on each deposit EU citizens make.

BiGold are certainly going out of their way to make it as easy as possible for people to buy gold while reducing fees as much as possible. I usually buy gold from them with a credit card myself.

They’ve announced that deposits from USD and GBP credit cards will be processed as local transactions too, in the coming weeks (BitGold are a Canadian company).

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