Interview With David MorganIn the video below, Jeff Berwick of DollarVigilante interviews silver guru David Morgan about topics including Donald Trump, the Police State and precious metals.

Morgan thinks this year in the precious metals is likely to be a repeat of last year’s price movement. Last year gold and silver started the year on a low, built in price till August and then dropped again as the year came to a close and 2017 began.

In fact, the price of gold fell below its value this time last year and is now only back at roughly the same price.

Silver did better. While it saw its price rise quite sharply between January and August, it too saw a dip in price in the latter part of 2016. However, at its lowest point (late December), the price was still above its 2016 opening price (it was roughly at June 2016 levels). Since the beginning of this year (2017) its price has steadily risen.

Morgan also emphasizes the importance of using no more than 25% of one’s investable funds in their trading portfolio and especially not on one particular trade.

He’ll be speaking at the upcoming TDV Internationalization and Investment Summit and Anarchapulco conference. He’ll be speaking at the TDV Summit and will be an interested attendee at Anarchapulco and talks a little about those.