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Conspiracy theories usually involve some hidden “source” leaking information about the nefarious goings-on at corporations or government agencies.

Very occasionally, one of these sources steps out into the light to add veracity to their claims.

Such is the case with one Ronald Bernard, a former Dutch banker who allegedly worked in the very upper echelons of the banking system.

Bankers got a particularly bad rap after the 2007/2008 financial crisis. From various stories that have come out in the last decade about the criminal behavior of bankers, they’ve done themselves no favors.

Nothing seems to have changed since 2007. While some prosecutions for illegal behavior have gone ahead, and fines have been issued to banks, none of the top executives have been sent to jail (except in Iceland). The odd sacrificial minion has been carted away to the pokey while it’s business as usual for the banking elite.

As bad as you think bankers have acted, as bad as you might imagine they have acted behind their closed doors, the revelations from Ronald Bernard are mind-blowing.

They’re so off-the-wall you’re immediate reaction will be to dismiss them as the wild fantasies of a madman.

Yet, in his emotionally charged interviews (below), he seems very genuine.

Could this whole “insider revelation” thing be a scam? Possibly, to drive traffic and donations to the bank he himself set up a few years ago (the Bank of Joy).

There’s no Wiki for Ronald Bernard, no online history that I could find (there is a Bloomberg page for someone of the same name but not likely to be the same individual as the Bloomberg entry is for a US citizen).

There is a facebook page for Bernard’s Bank of Joy which was set up in 2011.

…so if it is a con, he’s been running it for a long time.

On the other hand, maybe he’s completely genuine, telling it like it really is in the true corridors of power.

And, if that is the case, then his revelations are terrifying.

Make up your own mind and comment below…

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Source: This article originally appeared on Steemit, Reproduced with permission.