How You Can Cash-Flow Your Gold & Silver and Get An IncomeIf you’ve ever made money or wanted to make money, you need to find the best education. Agreed?

If you don’t you might end up starting a business or making an investment that just isn’t profitable and at worst, could cost you everything you’ve worked for…

…and if you’re investing for retirement, then losing half of what you’ve worked for at 60, that’s a blow most people can’t recover from.

This is why when I wanted to invest in Gold & Silver, I chose to listen to my (now) friend, Minesh Bhindi.

Firstly, I didn’t want to invest in Gold & Silver because of the “zombies are coming” fever pitch doomsday scenario you hear about.

I wanted to invest because after listening to several people, it’s quite clear that as long as our irresponsible Governments keep printing money, the price of Gold and Silver will continue going up over time.

And, personally I don’t think they’ll ever stop printing. What do you think?

And, as-long as people keep making and losing money with wildly volatile investments (like Cryptocurrencies – even though I’m a fan and invest myself) there will always be a return to Gold and Silver and other safe assets.

Sounds like a safe hedge to me, agree?

Gold & Silver For Life

Minesh confirmed my thinking for me after he showed me a chart which shows a 91.2% correlation between Government Debt and Gold prices.


I knew I was onto something.

I went and bought a couple thousand dollars of Physical Gold and Silver, put some in my safe at home and some with a Bullion storage company and didn’t speak to Minesh again for a few months.

We met up again at an event and he asked how my Gold and Silver investing was going.

I wasn’t sure what he meant by that, I’d just bought my physical Gold and Silver and stored them and forgotten about them until  “armageddon” comes.

Minesh started laughing when I told him that.

He said “Wait Daryl. So it’s been 6 months and you’ve generated no return, no cash-flow, the money’s just sitting there?”

I said “Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do with Gold and Silver?”

He said “Yeah, if you listen to the YouTubers and Bloggers! The professionals do it differently!”

He continued… “See a professional would have bought Gold and Silver, used specific market instruments to generate a monthly cash-flow on his/her precious metals, so while you’re sitting here with effectively a 0% return…”

I interrupted, “it’s actually negative if you count my $35 a month storage fee”…

He laughed more and continued…

“Okay, so while you’re at a NEGATIVE return, a professional would have been generating 1% to 2.2% per month in cash-flow income that was created by the big boys, for the big boys, until very recently.”

I said, okay, so you’re saying, not only has my Gold and Silver got a negative return because of the storage fees, not only has the money been tied up, but I’m actually losing out on money that should be mine?

He looked at me with that look of “Oh, Daryl!

And then he said, “why didn’t you just call me, you know this is what I do?”

Minesh is the Wealth Manager at Gold And Silver For Life, they’ve been helping clients generate a cash-flow income on Gold & Silver since 2010, at a return of 1% to 2.2% per month.

He’s been investing his own money since 2005 and after the 2008 market crash that destroyed retirement accounts around the world, he specialised in making safe investing, exciting, for normal people.

That’s his drive and passion.

Gold And Silver For Life InvestingAnyway, for the next 30 minutes, we sat down and he showed me how I could take my metal that wasn’t doing anything and start generating a 1% to 2.2% per month income on my money.

(All the while I’m thinking about  the 0.12% I’m getting per year in my bank account AND the negative returns on Gold & Silver I’ve had since I bought! Yes, kicking myself mentally…)

He also showed me, with numbers and clear historical data, why Physical Gold and Silver ownership is for chumps compared to the professional way of investing in these precious metals.

I haven’t looked back since.

Then, I wondered how many of YOU are sitting there, maybe already having put money into Gold & Silver?

Gold And Silver For Life Testimonials

Maybe like Minesh said to me, the only way you knew was to listen to YouTubers and Bloggers do it the bad way?

How many of you are about to start trying to grow your money and are going to make the same mistake as me with Physical Gold and Silver?

So I called him and asked him to do a webinar, which is an online workshop, for you guys.

He agreed, and for the first time in about a year, is running this brand new workshop, tailored just for people who are interested in profiting from Gold & Silver…

…not just when armageddon hits and the zombies arrive, but right now, and every month until the zombies surface…

In this workshop, he’ll cover:

  1. How to Cash-flow Gold & Silver for a 1% – 2.2% PER MONTH income, by the way, what are you getting on your money in the bank? 0.12%? A year? If you’re lucky!
  2. How to generate an income of up to $6,000 – $13,000 a year on just $50,000 of Gold and Silver – if you own Gold & Silver right now, I bet you’re sitting on negative return right? Right? Then you need to see this strategy.
  3. The 20 Dangerous Traps of Physical Gold and Silver Ownership – if your goal is pure PROFIT from Gold & Silver and not zombie armageddon insurance, then you should be aware of these traps and mistakes. Because every single one is costing you money.

There’s only a handful of seats, so click here and secure yours now.

This workshop will be in high demand as I’m sure me and you aren’t the only ones that want to grow our wealth, safely, securely and with the best returns possible while owning the safest investments possible?

Click here and get your seat, I think you’ll be as impressed as I was!

I promise you won’t regret it.

Cash Flow Gold Webinar