Open a GoldMoney account today

The people at Goldmoney (formerly BitGold) are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology that democratizes access to gold, and empowers you to safeguard your wealth.

They’re committed to providing you with the most affordable way to build savings through superior gold ownership and storage, while offering a variety of redemption methods.

And, on November 14th, they cut their fees in half!

The growth of Goldmoney Network revenue has allowed them to reinvest in their users, to reduce their fees and share the prosperity of the Network.

You can now deposit, redeem, and exchange gold between vault locations for only 0.5% above the spot gold price. Send an invoice and process transactions worldwide using your Business account for only 1%.

Buying GoldMoney is the easiest and cheapest way to buy vaulted gold online. You can store your holdings at several vaults around the world, so you can safeguard your gold should your country introduce measures against owning gold locally.

The lower fees mean it’s cheaper to buy and sell gold though the actual transaction times are still slower than if you use a dedicated gold trading account like BullionVault offers.

I buy from GoldMoney frequently so I have direct experience of using them and I can recommend them. Their vaults are backed by Brinks so you can’t get much more secure than that.

Check out my review here or if you’re in a mind to buy, open a GoldMoney account here (it’s free).