Jim Rickards: The Road To Ruin

James Rickards, economic and monetary expert, joined Francine Lacqua on “Bloomberg Surveillance” yesterday to discuss Trump and whether he will be good for markets, the economy and for gold.

Rickards said that Trump’s Presidency, which he predicted, will be good for gold as he will be the ‘Helicopter Money President’ and he will spend dollars on U.S. infrastructure and the U.S. military. This will cause inflation which will benefit gold:

Trumps individual policies sound attractive. Who does not want better infrastructure? Who does not want better defense?

But when you add them all up, this is going to mean much larger deficits.

He is the ‘Helicopter Money President’ … the irony is that people like Larry Summers and Paul Krugman are bashing Trump, and Summers compared Trump to Mussolini and yet Trump’s policies are Larry Summer’s policies – more deficits, fiscal spending, helicopter money …


Rickards is a regular commentator on finance, and is the author of The New York Times bestseller Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis, published in 2011, The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System, published in 2014, and The New Case for Gold, published in 2016.

The New Case for Gold,” outlines why he believes gold is going to $10,000/oz in the coming years and why the number one reason to buy gold bullion given the new risks in the 21st century digital age is “cyber financial warfare.” This poses risks to investors’ and savers’ assets that are held online. In the United Kingdom,Tesco (a large supermarket chain that’s diversifying into other services) deposit account holders will agree with that after they were hacked this week and account holders have had funds stolen directly from their accounts.

Owning gold bars and coins in your possession and owning gold in allocated and most importantly in segregated accounts will continue to protect and grow wealth in the coming years.

Bloomberg have split the interviews into two:

Rickard’s newest book, The Road to Ruin will be published on November 15th and is already a bestseller on pre-order on Amazon. He is appearing at Kilkenomics 2016 where he will speak at a number of events.

Kilkenomics was Europe’s first economics festival and is taking place November 10th (Thurs) to November 13th (Sunday) in beautiful Kilkenny, Ireland.

Often referred to as ‘Davos with jokes’, Kilkenomics brings together leading economists, financial analysts and media commentators with some of the funniest stand-up comedians around.

Source: Goldcore