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If you’ve looked around this site you’ll have discovered why it’s sound advice to invest in gold and silver in today’s financial climate. For many, buying gold or silver bullion (coins, rounds and bars) is all they’re interested in.

Keeping precious metals at home can be a risky business. A thief could end up stealing quite an amount of your wealth of you don’t use a quality home safe. On the other hand, should your house burn down, your precious bullion could be reduced to molten slag. Naturally, adding bullion held at home to your home insurance is a good call, but the downside is that you then advertise the fact that you do hold precious metals on your premises.

So what some investors prefer is to have someone else hold their gold for them. That could be the local bank (not a good idea because if the banks close in the next crisis, you can’t get access to your gold and silver). Another alternative is to use a safe deposit company. This is a better option. The downside is the storage fees.

Another solution is to use allocated, segregated vault storage. Again you pay storage fees for this service and it’s one that only makes sense to use when you’re looking at holding significant quantities of gold and silver ($15,000+ worth). Vaults like BullionVault are also an excellent option if you want to trade precious metals.

It’s all well and good holding gold and silver as a hedge against a devaluing currency (like the Dollar or Euro). Precious metals maintain your wealth and purchasing power over time. But, as those who don’t favor in gold will tell you, gold has no yield, so why would you want to invest in it?

That myopic view only shows that those pundits don’t even recognise that owning gold preserves your purchasing power, if it does nothing else.

But there are ways to grow your gold and silver holdings. So while gold in and of itself may not have a yield (i.e. generate interest), it can be used to increase your wealth. You make your money work for you when you invest it, so why not do the same with your precious metals?

The 3 Steps To Cash-Flow Gold & Silver

Over the last few years, Minesh Bhindi has been quietly helping busy professionals, small business owners and retired investors in 38 countries continue to grow their wealth by boosting their ROI (Return On Investment) from an average 0%-5% per annum to 12%-26.4% per year…

All the while hedging and protecting their wealth from a US Dollar risk and inflation by investing in Gold and Silver


With a new and unique Gold and Silver investment strategy modelled from the ultra-wealthy that he shares in the webinar below.

With historically low Gold & Silver prices (especially given the recent spot price drops since Trump was elected President), there has never been a better time to invest your money in Gold and Silver and with a unique strategy where you’ll get a monthly cash-flow, while locking in huge profits and protecting your wealth…

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