The Gold Silver Ratio
The Gold to Silver ratio is pretty simple. It’s how much of one metal is there in comparison to the other. Historically, there’s been about 9 to 10 times as much silver mined as gold, so the Gold to Silver ratio should be about 1:10.

But the financial and other worlds are involved in the equation and the average ratio has been somewhere in the region of 1:15 for the last couple of hundred years.

Gold Silver Ratio Chart Fro The Last 100 YearsThe Gold/Silver Ratio for the last 100 years. Click the image for an interactive chart

Except in the last century, the ratio has varied wildly from being as low as 1:16 to as high as 1:100. Today, the ratio sits at about 1:70.

The video shows some ways the ratio can be used to inform investing (buying and selling) decisions on your holdings…